As a child I would strategically place myself in invisible corners. Always watching, making up stories about what I saw, afraid to engage. Later art became my voice, a way to get out my emotions, open the gates; it became my portal to the outside world.
As I draw lions I feel the raw, immediate expression I have yearned for since childhood. The beauty of the lion lies in decisive boldness without regret, hesitation or deceit. The female character in my drawings exhibit a sense of security, calmness, and yet tenacity in the face of her adversary and companion. As a result, the viewer feels the tension of a dangerously affectionate exchange.
The raw mark-making quality of charcoal and pastel challenge me to tame my subjects without losing their spirit. The work takes on a raw energy while leaving traces of the process behind. The layering of lines and, the rhythm of strokes mark the characters’ intimacy with agitation. As the piece unfolds, the tension of the additive as well as subtractive process builds texture and activity leaving rough and realized gentle elements.
My work is deliberately representational in order to tell a universal story through recognizable characters, ideally expressing itself without explanation. When I am orchestrating my subjects, the medium, and the story starts to unfold, I am bulletproof, alive, a part of the world versus just watching.