Working with Holly proved to be a bridge class between all my previous art lessons & experience, and the work I was imagining I could do.
— Alex

Private Instruction

Classes begin with a complimentary meeting to discuss students' aspirations and artistic experience. The sessions are then tailored to the individual needs and goals of each student. There is an emphasis on enjoying the process while reaching higher levels in their practice. 

Beginner to advanced are welcome. 

Classes are held in my Providence, RI studio.

For further information or to schedule a complimentary meeting, Call:917.576.1820 or Email: 


$75- 1 hour

$135 - 2 hours

$200 - 3 hours 

* Additional students are $25 each up to 3 maximum per class.

*A travel fee of $50 per class to come to you. 

* A 10% Discount with the purchase of 6 classes in advance.  

CANCELLATION POLICY: Since I reserve your day and time for our session, if you are unable to meet I ask for 48 hours notice. With notice there is no charge. Under 48 hours notice you will be terribly missed and also be billed for the lesson.

Painting is more fun now, and less of a nail biting experience, because there is a satisfaction from knowing I’m improving.
— Alex